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    Raymond mill causes and solutions!

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2017-10-20 10:12

    Raymond mill's spitting phenomenon is that the material is not absorbed into the mill by the suction of the feeding nozzle, but is blown outside the machine by the blowing wind. There are several reasons for this phenomenon:
    1. The inlet seal is not tight;
    2. The lock powder is not tightly sealed, resulting in the suction wind;
    3. Improper adjustment of air volume;
    4. Uneven feeding, etc.
    The solutions are as follows:
    A. Raymond mill dust bag should be cleaned regularly. If there is a blockage, the wind will not get out, especially if it is damp and cloudy.
    B, Raymond mill feed must be even, do not cause the mill to clog, can be equipped with a vibrating feeder to feed Raymond mill.
    C. Raymond mill before the test, first check whether the pipe is sealed.
    D, check that the wind shell of Raymond mill has 3-4 to the air door if there is a leak.

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