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    How to Configure Sand Production Line

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-09-11 15:55

    With the decrease of natural sand, the market of manufactured sand shows great potential and vitality. Especially in recent years, the huge demand of the construction market has promoted the rapid development of the sand and stone market. So how to configure the machine-made sand production line?
    The stone production line mainly uses a series of stone crushing equipment to crush the stone, and produces sand, aggregate and other artificial sand and stone. The equipment configuration of different production lines is different. There are two basic principles to be followed in the configuration:
    1. Understanding material characteristics and requirements
    Before configuring the sand and stone production line, it is necessary to know the properties of the materials to be treated, such as hardness, size and so on. Consider what kind of crusher and sand-making machine should be equipped according to crushing material, output requirement and granularity requirement of finished products. The selection of crushing sand making equipment should not only satisfy the output, but also consider the size of the inlet and outlet, so as to avoid the material being unable to enter.
    2. Know your economic strength
    The economic base decides the superstructure. When configuring the production line of sand and gravel, different production lines should be selected according to their investment strength. Don't buy blindly, what suits you is excellent. Users should configure according to their actual purchasing power.
    Process Flow of Sand Production Line
    Forward step, feed.
    The rock blasted from the hill is fed to the vibrating feeder through the dump truck.
    The second step is roughness and fineness.
    Vibration feeder feeds the stone evenly to jaw crusher. The front road crushing is coarse crushing. The broken stone is then conveyed to cone crusher or impact crusher through belt conveyor for secondary crushing, i.e. fine crushing.
    The third step is sand screening.
    The finely crushed material is sent by belt conveyor to sand making machine for finely crushing. The finely crushed material is screened out by vibrating screen.
    Generally, the production line can be completed by the above three steps, but the sand washing machine can be added after fine grinding and screening.

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