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    Reasons for Influencing Fineness of Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-09-16 14:18

    First of all, the grinding materials are different. For example, the purity of artificial graphite powder is lower than that of petroleum coke or asphalt coke, and the particle size is safer and coarser. Secondly, the influence of feed particle size is smaller and the purity of feed particle is higher. Thirdly, the influence of feeder is greater.
    1) Excessive feeding, easy blockage of dampers, low output and fine grain size.
    The solution is to suspend the feed of vertical roller mill or stop the roller mill to pick out some material to reproduce or reduce or close the residual air duct valve.
    2) If the feed is sufficient, the influence of the air volume on the grinding purity and particle size will decrease with the increase of the air volume. It can increase feeding or open large residual air duct valves.
    The solution is that the air volume is larger and the particle size is coarser, and the air volume is smaller and finer. In the operation of vertical roller mill grinder, we need to learn more and pay more attention, so as to better let the vertical roller mill grinder work.
    In addition to the quality of the equipment, the fit degree between the matching equipment is also very critical for the whole grinding production line. It requires that the size of bucket elevator, motor, fan and other models must be strictly selected according to the type of the roller mill, while the number of motor needs is large and the size is different. For example, the main motor, fan motor, analyzer motor and so on, all parts of the motor models are clearly specified, large or small are not suitable. What problems will be caused by the inaccuracy of the motor model of the vertical roller mill? The inaccuracy of the motor model includes two aspects:
    A. Motor type is bigger: It has little effect on normal grinding production of vertical roller mill, but it will increase the cost of production. Everyone knows that the bigger the power of product type, the bigger the power consumption in the same time, and the cost of electricity will increase, while the power of auxiliary grinding equipment is bigger and lasts for a long time. Continuation of work, the daily cost is high, so the choice of motor model can be satisfied, do not choose too large.
    B. Small type of motor: As the energy power source of grinding production line, it is the basic condition for grinding production and operation. Small type indicates insufficient energy supply and equipment can not operate normally. In other words, small motor can not drive the power required for grinding operation, even if the equipment can rotate, it can not reach the ideal level. It is even more difficult to achieve efficient production and processing.

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