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    How to Grind Material Sufficiently by Vertical Roller Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-09-29 14:11

    Whether it is the customers who have invested or want to invest, they all know that a complete vertical roller mill production line, its reasonable configuration will produce a strong force. When grinding, it should be carried out according to a certain grinding proportion. Among them, the number of materials, the amount of power regulation and the number of fineness output will have a great impact. So you know what proportion should be made in order to make the vertical roller mill work at a higher level?
    The increase of feed and the processing of grinding chamber of vertical roller mill have a great influence on its working efficiency. In the past, we paid close attention to the loading capacity of vertical roller mills, neither too much nor too little. If the feed quantity is too small, the output value will be reduced correspondingly, and the production value will not go up; if the feed quantity is too large, there will be less space left in the cylinder, and the impact effect of the abrasive body will be reduced, and the equipment will be prone to minor faults.
    Secondly, in the grinding process of vertical roller mill, we also need to make a proper proportion with the power problem. The ratio of production power to mill operation should be appropriate. If the power is too small and the material is poorly dispersed, the motion resistance of the grinding body will increase, and the grinding effect will not reach. On the contrary, too low power indirectly increases the direct impact between the grinding bodies, thus losing energy and increasing the wear and tear between the grinding bodies. Therefore, in order to let the material of vertical roller mill pass the customs, we usually carry out strictly according to the proportion. Moreover, it should be carried out strictly according to the proportion, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also ensures that the mill is not subject to excessive wear and tear.
    At the same time, here is to introduce the vertical roller mill configuration of the "black horse" - liner. Lining plate can improve the safety factor of mill operation. In the process of grinding, vertical roller mill inevitably mixes with hard material. If the hardness of the material is too high, it will be a hazard to the mill itself. When it is serious, it will affect the life wear of the mill itself.
    Therefore, in order to protect the vertical roller mill, we need to improve the quality of liner through experiments, so as to improve the safety factor. Why install the liner? The truth is very simple. Because the thickness of lining plate is higher than that of vertical roller mill, which can effectively avoid the harm of hard materials to vertical roller mill. It is also to ensure the service life of production. With lining plate, you need not worry about it and use it as safely as possible.
    How to grind the vertical roller mill adequately, according to the actual production of users, we should try our best to complete the high requirements of grinding operation. But remember not to mess up, in order to effectively carry out adequate grinding work, we still need to do our best, not only from the above points, but also consult the supplier to solve.

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