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    Differences between a vertical roller mill and a Raymond mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-01-02 14:58

    Recently, many user friends have asked what is the difference between a vertical roller mill and a Raymond mill. The literal meaning of vertical roller mill is also called vertical roller mill, Raymond mill also belongs to vertical roller mill. But it's not the same thing.
    Vertical roller mill is a kind of ultra-fine milling equipment that is suitable for large-scale enterprises to process fine powder. It occupies large area, high power, high price and high output. The vertical roller mill is a very large-scale milling equipment that integrates crushing, drying, screening and powder collection at work. The equipment will not directly contact the grinding rollers and the grinding discs when the equipment is working. Very little, the land occupation requirements are very high, the installation is also very troublesome, the price can not afford the investors of small and medium enterprises, suitable for enterprises with a certain strength to invest in production.
    As a traditional milling equipment, Raymond Mill has the characteristics of small footprint, low investment, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. It is welcomed by investors of SMEs. After so many years of development, Raymond Mill has mature technology, reliable technology, reliable quality, environmental protection and energy saving, with a fineness of 80-600 mesh, which can meet the requirements of most users for ultrafine powder processing. When Raymond Mill is working, it is also very convenient to adjust the output and fineness according to user needs. For ore material milling, the preferred equipment is Raymond mill.
    As a professional manufacturer of roller mills, Shuguang Heavy Machinery sells a variety of different types of mill equipment, including ball mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, etc.Welcome to  contact us for more details.
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