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    Repair or replacement parts can ensure vertical roller mill works properly

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-01-15 09:53

    The production bottlenecks of vertical roller mill's grinding process are mainly: the angle of the blade, the seal of the grinding roller assembly, and the wear of the wearing parts. First of all, vertical roller mill sharpening the angle of the blade plays a vital role. Some vertical roller mill manufacturers tend to ignore this issue. Vertical roller mill sharpening blades have higher and lower positions, which prevents the blade shovel from accurately transferring material to the grinding position, which greatly affects the production of vertical roller mill sharpening. Secondly, the sealing problem of the grinding roller assembly is directly related to the normal use and normal use of the vertical roller mill. If the Raymond grinding roller assembly cannot be effectively sealed, the assembly can easily enter the powder. After feeding the powder, the overall performance of the vertical roller mill is easily broken, and it is often broken down, which will bring a lot of normal production. Serious trouble. It is the abrasion resistance of wearing parts. If the consumables (that is, the grinding rollers and rings) are made of ordinary carbon steel, they will wear quickly, so the production cost of vertical roller mill manufacturers will increase. Maintenance rates will also increase.
    Because of the special use environment, it is necessary to carry out anticorrosive treatment in time before and during use. In the choice of materials in the design stage of vertical roller mill, the medium environment is considered, and the material is required to have good adaptability, corrosion resistance and heat insulation.
    In the design of the vertical roller mill structure, the weld seam should be minimized to prevent corrosion after penetration. The production stage of vertical roller mill also focuses on anticorrosive work. Check mechanical materials and register. It is necessary to pay full attention to the anti-corrosion work of the Red Mill, especially to strictly control the design specifications and design quality.
    When the vertical roller mill is damaged, repair or replacement of parts can ensure that the vertical roller mill works normally, that is, the economic efficiency is improved under low-cost maintenance. The necessary maintenance work of the vertical roller mill can then keep it in good working condition and extend the life of the vertical roller mill.
    Different types of vertical roller mill spindles have different methods of refueling. Generally, they can be divided into two types. One is to add engine oil to the engine oil. So what are the two ways to add fuel? First, let's talk about adding oil. Usually, this method of refueling is to have an oil cup on the central axis. This machine is equipped with a certain amount of oil, which can meet the lubrication requirements of the copper sleeve and the bottom bearing of the central large shaft. But the addition of butter is different. Part of the butter is under the plum frame. There is a screw hole on the upper part of the blade. This screw hole is used to add butter. You only need to take the screws when refueling. Of course, this bottom bearing also needs to be greased, and it is connected to the vertical roller mill bearing section through a filler pipe.
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