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    Structure and working principle of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-11 15:04

    Vertical roller mill is an advanced grinding equipment designed and developed on the basis of widely using advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with many years of production experience of vertical roller mill. Is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading transportation in one of the ideal equipment of the grinding industry. It can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, nonmetal mine and other industries. It is used to grind block, granule and powder raw materials into required powder materials.
    Main structure
    The vertical roller mill is mainly composed of powder concentrator, grinding roller device, grinding plate device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other parts. Separator is a kind of high efficiency and energy-saving powder concentrator. Grinding roller is a component used to crush materials. The grinding plate is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, where the grinding roller rolls the materials. The pressurization device is a component that provides the grinding pressure for the grinding roller, and provides enough pressure for the grinding roller to crush the material.
    Working principle
    When the vertical roller mill is in normal operation, the motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the reducer, and the materials fall into the center of the grinding plate from the feeding port through the air lock feeder, and the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet at the same time. With the rotation of the grinding disc, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. When it passes through the annular groove on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the rolling of the grinding roller. The crushed material is brought up by the high-speed air flow of the wind ring on the edge of the grinding disc, and the large particles directly fall on the grinding disc for regrinding. When the material in the air flow passes through the upper separator, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone bucket The grinding plate is grinded again, the qualified fine powder is grinded together with the air flow and collected by the dust collection device, which is the product. The materials containing moisture are dried in the contact process with the hot air flow. By adjusting the hot air temperature, the requirements of materials with different humidity can be met and the required product water content can be achieved. The thickness of different products can be achieved by adjusting the separator.
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