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    What factors determine the fineness change of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-12 16:25

    When receiving customers at ordinary times, when many customers consult the micro powder processing equipment, they will be asked how many items and hourly production capacity to process. For these reasons, Shanghai Keli has a variety of micro powder adding equipment, constantly processing the models of micro powder equipment, aiming at the special environment, developing a variety of equipment models, but no matter what equipment is used for a period of time, it will There will be wear and tear of vulnerable parts, or problems like this and that, which are normal phenomena. As long as we find out the causes and solve the problems according to the right medicine, this is not a big problem. But if we don't pay attention to these problems, the first thing that affects is the fineness of the finished product, then what determines the change of the fineness of the finished product of the vertical roller mill?
    The finished product of powder is related to material ability, but another important factor is determined by the performance change of vertical roller mill itself. The user's concern is nothing more than the output of the equipment and the fineness of the finished product. The final fineness of the mineral is selected by the analyzer inside the vertical roller mill. Generally, after the material enters the grinding chamber, it is scooped up by a blade and crushed between the grinding rings of the grinding roller. The air is sucked into the grinding chamber by the blower from the base of the mill to bring the grinding material into the analysis and re grinding. The material with large particles will fall back to the re grinding, and the material meeting the fineness requirements will enter the finished product with the air flow Cyclone dust collector. But because of the long time work, the blade of the analyzer will appear a lot of wear, which will cause the change of the fineness of the finished material.
    The processed stone will be used for two types of ores screened by the vibrating screen. If the particle size is not up to the standard, then we will use the grinding equipment to process them accordingly. For the processing of ore, we can use the vertical micro powder mill to process, because the application of ore in various industries is in the fine powder, so we can add The fineness of finished products is between 325-3000 mesh, and the fineness of discharge can be adjusted between 325-3000 mesh. As the preferred equipment for ore grinding, ore micro grinding has perfect technology and performance, outstanding application effect in the market, and is well received by many powder users.
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