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    Vertical roller mill common faults and solutions

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-14 16:40

    What are the problems in the production process of vertical roller mill? What are his methods of maintenance? Let's introduce some common problems.
    1. Power can not be pulverized or powder produced less
    The reason and the solution: (1) the lock powder seal is not tight, seal the lock powder well; (2) the blade is badly worn and needs to be replaced.
    2. The powder grinds fine or too thick
    The reason and the solution: (1) the thickness of the powder is usually because the blade of the classifier is severely worn or the air blower is too small. It can be used to reduce fan inlet air volume or replace the new leaf blade. (2) it is usually because the wind volume of the fan is too small or the air volume of the fan can be improved.
    3. The current of the main machine is increased, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current drops
    The reason and the solution: (1) feeding speed too fast. Reduce the feeding amount, remove the product powder of the air port or open the air pipe valve, and the inlet temperature is below 6 degrees.
    4.Vertical roller mill is noisy, and it vibrates badly.
    The reason and the solution: (1) the feed is too little, at this time we need to adjust the feeding quantity; (2) the blade is worn badly, and the blade can be replaced with super fine powder. (3) the grounding screw is not fastened properly. Fixing the anchor pin. (4) raw materials are too hard or too large to replace raw materials. (5) the grinding ring of ultra fine powder grinding roller is serious, and the grinding roller and grinding ring are changed.
    5. Vertical roller mill fan vibrates badly
    Causes and solutions: (1) excessive powder of ultron powders or abrasion imbalance. Solution: to remove the powder from the blades or replace the leaf blade; (2) the grounding screw is loose. Tighten the anchor bolt with a wrench.
    6. The fuel tank and transmission device are heating
    The reason and the solution: (1) the viscosity of the oil is too viscous, check the viscosity of the oil to meet the requirements; (2) the analysis machine element turns in the wrong direction, and adjusts the operation direction of the analyzer.
    7. The grinding roller device of vertical roller mill is damaged
    The reason and the solution: A, may be bearing lack of oil, or the sealing ring is damaged. Check and cheer regularly.
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