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    How to solve the vibration problem of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-17 15:37

    Vertical roller mill is usually in operation, in general, the sound of the main engine is relatively small, will not affect us, in vertical roller mill main engine vibration or has been vibration, will affect our production. The causes of the vibration of the main machine of vertical roller mill will be different, and the relative solutions will certainly be different. We have to make different differences. So, why does the main engine of vertical roller mill vibrate heavily? How should we deal with the vibration caused by different reasons differently?
    1. The loosening of the anchor bolts of the mill. This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the vibration in the process of machine grinding will lead to bolt loosening, and then lead to vibration intensification. Check the machine in time and tighten bolts.
    2. The foundation is not strong. The working principle of vertical roller mill is circular motion. Vibration will occur in the normal working process. If the installer does not strike the foundation firmly, the vertical roller mill will vibrate and make a lot of noise when it works. The solution is to reinforce the foundation.
    3. Installation problems. When vertical roller mill is installed, the central line of the main drive part of the mill is not straight, and it will vibrate in the course of rotation. In this case, the center-line should be adjusted in time.
    4. Loose parts inside the equipment. The main parts of vertical roller mill are plum rack and roller, which are connected by bolts. When the equipment is running, it will produce a strong internal air flow. If the two parts are loose, it will become very unstable with the air flow. Slowly it will produce vibration and noise.
    5. Vertical roller mill's grinding room is mixed with metal objects. Because the main engine shaft speed is very fast, metal objects are very hard, after being shoveled up will be in the main grinding room collision everywhere lead to vibration of the main engine, need to clean up metal objects. It should be noted that metal objects may be brought in from the raw material, or parts inside the vertical roller mill may fall out, such as screws or bearing balls.
    6. Quality problems. If the bearing quality of vertical roller mill is poor and the clearance is large, it will lead to the swing of plum rack, and then cause the vibration of equipment.
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