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    Factors affecting grinding fineness of vertical roller mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-28 16:27

    1. The main engine speed of vertical roller mill, when the speed of vertical roller mill is too high or too low in operation, will lead to the rapid transfer of coarse or fine powder to the outlet, which will affect the fineness of the material; then we only need to adjust the electric current of vertical roller mill to adjust its speed.
    2. The speed of the mill fan, the speed of the vertical roller mill fan is inseparable to the size of the wind, when the wind is too large, the lighter materials can not meet the fineness requirements will be blown to the collector; on the contrary, the wind is too small, for the heavier materials will affect its discharge.
    3. The wear degree of the grinding roller and the grinding ring of the mill is not directly contacted by the roller and the grinding ring when the mill is working. The longer the service time, the greater the wear degree, the worse the grinding of the material, which will affect the fineness of the finished product and the more coarse particles.
    4. Vertical roller mill analysis machine blades, vertical roller mill analysis machine installed a large number of internal blades, the distribution of the sun, the blades will have certain wear and tear in the process of work, the efficiency of powder selection will be affected to a certain extent, coarse powder through the analyzer into the collector, is also an important cause of excessive coarse powder in the finished product.
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