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    Maintenance for dry powder mixer bearing

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-04-26 16:14

    Shuguang Heavy Industry's main products include dry powder mixer, dry powder mortar equipment, milling machine, grinding machine and other products. As the leading manufacturer in the industry, now talk about the maintenance of the dry powder mixer bearing.
    The transmission part of the bearing is an important component of the dry powder mixer. Before the work, we need to fill the butter first, then we can start the work. The bearing is the upper and lower separated tiler bearing chamber, which can open the upper part of the fixed bearing chamber. After removing the blackened butter, add new butter! In addition, it is best not to use old butter that is too long and black to avoid damage to the bearing due to agglomeration. Next is the mixing arm, which is the heart of the mixer. We clean the material after the work is completed, and clean the block material glued on the mixing arm with wooden sticks, brooms and other objects. If the dry powder mixer is not used for a long time or if a new formula is replaced, the machine should be cleaned with water.

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