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    Differences between Vertical Roller Mill and Raymond Mill

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-10 17:28

    Vertical roller mill and Raymond mill are two kinds of mills that we often hear, but what is the difference between them? For manufacturers of different types, in order to control cost to a lower level without affecting economic benefits,how to choose a suitable one?
    1. Different internal structures
    Vertical roller mills are similar to Raymond mills in shape, but their internal structures are different, so their working modes are slightly different.
    When the position of the grinding roll of vertical roller mill is fixed, the position of the grinding roll of vertical roller mill is fixed. The grinding roll rotates without direct contact with the grinding disc. The bottom grinding disc rotates all the time, grinding the material in the gap between the grinding roll and the grinding disc. When checking and repairing, the grinding rolls of the vertical roller mill can be released through the lever bracket.
    The inner structure of Raymond mill differs greatly from that of vertical roller mill. Five or six uniformly distributed rollers are installed on the spring plum blossom rack of Raymond mill. The rollers move around the central axis, and the material raised by the bottom spade is sent to grind between the roller and the side wall grinding ring. Raymond grinding ring is fixed, it is the side wall of the mill.
    Anyway, gypsum, heavy calcium and other materials are grinded between the grinding disc and the roller. After material grinding, the powder particles are brought into the analyzer with the circulating air of the blower for sorting. The finer material will be grinded again, and the qualified fine powder will enter the cyclone collector with the air flow and be discharged through the powder tube, which is the finished product.

    2. Different grinding fineness ranges
    Raymond mill has a long history, the particle size range of grinding is slightly coarse, adjusting between 325 mesh and 10 mesh; the technical age of vertical roller mill is more recent, based on Raymond mill, it has been improved, the particle grinding range will be more detailed, probably between 325 mesh and 85 mesh. The self-contained drying system reduces the moisture content of materials.
    3. Different Applicable Customers and Prices
    There are some differences between Raymond mill and vertical roller  mill. Raymond roller mill is mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, with various models and weights, ranging in price from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, while vertical roller mill is mainly used in large enterprises, with larger weight and size, and smaller mills also need tens of thousands of dollars.
    4. The application industry is slightly different
    The market utilization of these two grinders is quite high, and their application industries are similar, such as metallurgy, building materials, cement, chemical industry, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, mine crushing and grinding powder, etc. Vertical mills are more suitable for large professional industries, such as cement and non-metallic mineral industry. Vertical roller mill with its own drying function, in the same kind of equipment, the cost-effective ratio is very high; Raymond grinding process tradition, is more stable than the previous mill, the quality is more reassuring.
    Based on the above analysis, if you belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, you can choose Raymond Mill. If you belong to large enterprises, Shuguang Heavy Machinery recommends that you choose vertical roller mill. Welcome to contact us if you have any doubts in the selection process.

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