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    How to purchase vertical roller mill parts

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-07-04 16:56

    Many customers do not know how to deal with the damage of vertical roller mill parts (such as vertical mill rolls, grinding discs, etc.). Shuguang Heavy Machinery, a manufacturer of vertical roller mill, suggests that customers and friends should spare more vulnerable parts of vertical roller mill in daily life so as to meet their needs from time to time. What should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing the parts of vertical roller mill?
    1.See if the trademark marks are complete.
    The packaging quality of authentic products is good, the handwriting on the packaging box is clear, and the overprint color is bright. Packaging boxes and bags should be marked with product names, specifications, models, quantities, registered trademarks, factory names, factory addresses and telephone numbers, etc. Some manufacturers also make their own markings on accessories.
    2.See if the geometric size is deformed or not.
    Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacture, transportation and storage. In the process of handling and storage, parts often produce burrs, indentations, damages or cracks in the joint due to vibration and knock, which affect the use of parts. When choosing and purchasing, attention should be paid to inspection.
    3.See if there is rust on the surface of parts
    The surface of qualified spare parts has both a certain accuracy and bright brightness. The more important the spare parts are, the higher the accuracy, the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of packaging. When choosing and purchasing, attention should be paid to inspection. If rust spots, mildew spots or cracks of rubber parts, loss of elasticity, or obvious turning tool lines on the journal surface are found, they should be replaced.
    4. See whether the assembly components are missing or not.
    Normal assembly parts must be complete and intact in order to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If the individual small parts on some assembly parts are missing, the assembly parts will not work or even be scrapped.
    5.Buy Cheap Goods without Greed
    The price of fake goods is usually more than ten times cheaper than that of real goods. Of course, this is at the cost of quality differences. Consumers must make sure when buying low-priced products, whether they are normal discounts or price reductions, and they must buy original parts.

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