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    Vertical Roller Mill Operation Manual

    Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-06-28 17:02

    Vertical roller mill is a big equipment designed to grinding powder, as a manufacturer of the equipment, we will provide the manual of vertical roller mill operation.
    Before operation
    Before starting the vertical roller mill, check whether all the repair doors are closed tightly, adjust the direction of the fan and spindle, and the exhaust valve should be in full open position. After starting the main engine, the material should be added immediately (fine granular material should be added first, and normal material should be added) and then the large air flow valve should be opened. On the premise of ensuring that the inlet port does not spray powder outward, the exhaust valve should be closed as small as possible,then adjust the fineness of the finished product. The jaw clearance of crusher with jaw breakage and hoist series should be checked before starting. The speed of analyzer should be adjusted to approximate the size of finished product. 
    Start operation
    Boot in the following order.
    1. Opening bucket hoist
    2. Opening jaw crusher
    3. Start the analyzer after the material is stored in the warehouse
    4. Start up the blower (no load start, to be loaded after normal operation)
    5. Start the main engine and start the electromagnetic vibration feeder at the instant of starting the main engine. At this time, the grinding work will begin. 
    The operation sequence is as follows: hoist-- crusher--analyzer-- fan-- host-- feeder.
    End up operation
    When shutting down, the vertical roller mill should be shut down in the following order:
    1. Close feeder first and stop feeding
    2. Stop the host after one minute
    3. Stop the blower after blowing off the residual material
    4. Close the analyzer at last
    The downtime sequence is: feeder-- host--blower-- analyzer.
    The roller mill is not allowed to refuel at will in normal operation. To ensure the safety of production, abnormal noise in any part of the mill or sudden increase of load should be stopped immediately to check and troubleshoot, so as to avoid major accidents. If the current is too high when the mill starts, it will affect the start-up.

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